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My Refuge
This song is often used for reflection. If used in other areas of mass change to all incllusive, i.e "Father, You are our refuge ..."

The Alpha Omega
The Alpha Omega is a song that is often used a recessional hymn.

Blessed be the Lord
Blessed be the Lord was written by Daniel Cody, the worship leader for the Servants of Jesus Community.
It is a great song to be used as a recessional as it is lively and a song of thanksgiving.
Daniel, a gifted singer song writer, is married with 3 daughters and is a teacher at a Catholic High school.
Daniel is the lead singer and acoustic guitarist on the recorded songs.

Prepare The Way
Prepare the Way is a song suitable as an entrance Hymn for the time of Advent
NB: Though the song is recorded on the key of Cmajor the original lead sheet is in Bb, use capo 5 for Key of Cmajor.

The Spirit and the Bride
The Spirit and the Bride was written for a wedding and is also suitable as an Entrance or Communion Hymn

Holy Holy Holy (Hosanna) Lead Sheet

Best used as Mass part

All songs sung by Daniel Cody and the Servants of Jesus Community.
For more information contact  The Servants Of Jesus Ecumenical Covenant Community Sydney Australia

(If you use these songs in your service please register them with CCLI)

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